Afzal Khan

Bollywood and Folk

Following my passion for dance from India, I joined SDANZ where I ventured into different folk and Bollywood styles. The classes are a great way to exhibit my skill and passion. My dance journey has branched into many other forms including hip hop, and growing in our SDANZ classes and workshops. Working with technique and variety are my strong assets.

Amee Patel

Bollywood and Kathak

SDANZ is one big family where we work together as a team and build strong relationships. I have learnt and grown my dance styles, expressions and overall performance techniques and really excited to pass it on to the lil buds. Working towards my dream at SDANZ, we can help you reach your dream, whether you are a professional dancer or a beginner.

Dhara Patel

Bollywood and Kathak

My journey with SDANZ started when I was really young and so far the journey has been one that has completed a part of my life. I have recently started helping out the little buds classes and really enjoy implementing what I learn in my Intermediate and Kathak classes.  Being part of the SDANZ family is an experience that everyone should encounter and I wish I would have a little sooner.

Jehangir Wasti

MC, Bollywood

Following my family's glamorous background in Bollywood, i stepped into acting and dancing in NZ. From creative, interactive MC skits to a wholesome entertainment package, we at SDANZ can provide a solution to suit all. I enhanced my dance skills and got the opportunity to participate and create some extraordinary performances at SDANZ.

Keerthana Suresh

Bollywood, Bharatnatyam, Folk and Kathak 

Dance has a major role in my life. I find dance is an outlet to express my emotions. Born and raised in the southern part of the Indian peninsula, I have trained in Bharatanatyam and South Indian folk dance. Currently exploring and adoring Kathak and Bollywood, through SDANZ, I feel I can offer a range of techniques in my performances and classes.  When I perform I strive to create an experience with  being infectious across the floor.

Neeraj Khatri

Bollywood, Folk and MC

For me SDANZ is more than just dancing. It’s a family, open to all.  After moving from Dunedin, I followed my passion for dancing and acting through SDANZ. It gave me a platform to meet some amazing new friends, which I can say now are family! Every class is exciting, unpredictable, and most importantly super fun, regardless of your dancing ability! In this busy city, SDANZ is the perfect place to let loose, smile and become fit!

Parita Pathak Bose

Director- Kathak, Bharatyam, Folk, Bollywood & BollyFIT

Fun family environment is what we aim to be. SDANZ is an opportunity to express, stride and be creative at this work hard, play hard, institution. The performances are extensive and great outlet to showcase all the different talents we have at SDANZ. Recognize, grow and showcase the greatest talents.

Tanvi Patel

Bollywood and Kathak

I have always been fascinated in the various styles of dance -the grace, technique, expressions and lot more. I joined in the Lil buds class and within no time my passion progressed to the Kathak and Intermediate Bollywood classes, and also become a SDANZ Tutor for Lil Buds. Not only am I learning and helping with classes at SDANZ, but SDANZ has helped me gain a lot of confidence and helped me work on my personality.

Vaishali Raman


Dance- not only a stress-buster but a path to happiness. A great way to meet new people, make new friends & at the same time keep fit. With SDANZ not only has my social life grown but the opportunity to perform, interact with different age groups in class and being part of the team are just some of the added perks. Helping out with the little ones and performing on stage has opened up a whole new horizon for me and I thoroughly enjoy it. Growing up in numerous countries has exposed me to wonderful experiences and cultures.

Vivek Naga

Bollywood, Hiphop and Folk

Dance is one of my most loved hobbies ever since I was young, it gives me pleasure and happiness. SDANZ family is the best platform to express. I have learned a lot with SDANZ and something I love the most is dancing from the heart and express while dancing. Regular performances, and various other involvement with productions and teaching, I feel I can pass on this to our youth.