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Amee Patel-Dancer no.1

Bollywood and Kathak

SDANZ is one big family where we work together as a team and build strong relationships. I have learnt and grown my dance styles, overall performance techniques and I am really excited to pass it on to the lil champs. Working towards my dream at SDANZ, I love the platform and opportunities that I get with SDANZ.

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Dipti Vegada-Social queen!


Dance makes me happy, and dancing to the beat with equally passionate people makes me happiest! The energy at SDANZ is so infectious that I look forward to each and every class and rehearsal with this lovely bunch. Productions are as grand as festivals, which makes people like me who are away from home, feel at home! SDANZ has not only enhanced my dancing skills but also given me an opportunity to be more creative and document our beautiful journey that we can share with you all!


Heeral Patel-Swag rani!

Bollywood and Kathak

Dancing at SDANZ is a blast! The people, the energy, and the dances. I’ve danced since I was very young and the best times are with this academy. I’ve learnt a lot of new dance styles here as well as improving my physique. I help out the little ones with their fun adventure dancing with us! Kathak and Bollywood classes have brought so much discpline to skill. I am so grateful to be part of the SDANZ family.


Jehangir Wasti-Apna hero!

MC, Bollywood

Following my family's glamorous background in Bollywood, I stepped into acting and dancing in NZ. From creative, interactive MC skits to a wholesome entertainment package, we at SDANZ can provide a solution to suit all. I enhanced my dance skills and got the opportunity to participate and create some extraordinary performances at SDANZ.

SDANZ - first half 4_5-37.jpg

Parita Pathak Bose-Boss lady aka Guruji!

Director- Kathak, Folk and Bollywood

Fun family environment is what we aim to be. SDANZ is an opportunity to express, stride and be creative at this work hard, play hard, institution. The performances are extensive and great outlet to showcase all the different talents we have at SDANZ. Recognize, grow and showcase the greatest talents is what we stride in,

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Suresh Suru-South ka dhamaal!

Bollywood and Folk

 I have danced from a very young age and have had the opportunity to try pout a lot of different styles- Bollywood, Hip Hop, Break, Modern Jive, Folk and Contemporary. SDANZ has given me creative opportunities to work and combine these styles and create some beautiful fusions. Being part of the SDANZ family bring in sense of belonging and one of my favourites is participating and helping out with annual productions. I am glad to be part of SDANZ’s journey to help our future dancers to habituate better expressions, style and attitude, while I continue to learn from everyone here.

SDANZ - first half 4_5-130.jpg

Tanvi Patel-Expression queen!

Bollywood and Kathak

I have always been fascinated in various styles of dance. I joined SDANZ as a lil bud  and within no time my passion progressed to Kathak, Intermediate Bollywood and also to become the youngest tutor at SDANZ. Not only am I learning and helping with classes at SDANZ, but SDANZ has helped me gain a lot of confidence and helped me work on my personality overall.

SDANZ - first half 4_6-211.jpg

Vivek Vutukuri-SDANZ ka Hrithik!

Bollywood, Hiphop and Folk

Dance is one of my most loved hobbies ever since I was young, it gives me pleasure and happiness. SDANZ family is the best platform to express. I have learned a lot with SDANZ and something I love the most is dancing from the heart and express while dancing. Regular performances, and various other involvement with productions, I feel I can pass on this to our youth.

SDANZ - first half 4_6-97.jpg

Vikrant Mulani-Garbaking!


Dance is my way of expressing myself. I feel happy when I dance and I dance when I feel happy. Growing up I have picked various dance styles like garba, folk and latin from many professionals. Eventually joined SDANZ and found my home of dance. I love the diversity of dance styles and the people in the SDANZ family. It is pure joy meeting new people and learning from different styles!

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New enrolments for Term 4 open!
Term 4 starts 23rd Sept!

First class free!

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