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Parita Bose

Dance is an expression of art in motion.

Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Folk and Bollywood
Stefani Longshamp

Parita Bose is a Senior Media Specialist at NZME by profession. But by passion, she’s an accomplished Kathak, Folk and Bollywood dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. 


For over 13 years, she’s run Shivam dance Academy NZ –SDANZ, Wellington’s premier Kathak, Folk, and Bollywood dance school. It’s a not-for-profit organisation that brings together the wider Wellington Indian diaspora, uniting them through a love of music and dance. Working with youth and helping them with personal development and overall mental health is one of the major roles the dance school focuses on, alongside teaching different dance styles.


SDANZ is known for its intricate and innovative choreography, complemented by beautiful costumes. With over 300-500 students across her teaching career, Parita holds high respect in her field and artform. With over 6 annual productions and countless performances, SDANZ students stand out from the crowd with their energy, maturity, and understanding of technical and creative aspects of performance and various dance forms.


Parita’s own dance journey began in her original home country of Kenya, where she danced and taught at a dance school run by her mother. After immigrating to Aotearoa with her partner Rony, Parita opened her first dance school in Wanganui, before moving to Palmerston North, and then eventually Wellington, where she resides with her husband and her young son Kiaan.


New enrolments for Term 4 open!
Term 4 starts 23rd Sept!

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