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Rules of engagement

Thank you for joining the SDANZ family! 


We are super excited to be part of your beautiful dance journey. Just a few key notes to remember when you join us!

Dress code:

Please wear comfortable active wear and sports shoes for Bollywood, and a tunic/kurti with tights/palazzo for Kathak. You can also purchase SDANZ-branded t-shirts and hoodies from KIAZ on 37 Taranaki Street.

What to bring:

Please bring along a water bottle, deodorant, and a sweat towel. Because it’s a dance class, you’re bound to sweat - we all do! So please make sure you apply a roll-on deodorant and a spray on deodorant or perfume  before and during class. For Kathak, please also bring along ghungroos and a book to write theory in. Most importantly a big smile, willingness to learn and just have some fun!!!

 Social media:

We encourage our students to help spread the word about us, so the more things you can tag us in, the better! It's especially welcomed when our students collaborate together to create awesome content and while doing that don’t forget to tag us. Just remember not to use any full videos from dance practices, or copyrighted music. We like keeping our routines a secret before performances.

Conflicts of interest:

We are a highly social dance class that encourages everyone to grow. However, we discourage students from engaging with other dance classes of the same form (Kathak, Bollywood and Folk). This includes joining other classes, sharing information about SDANZ or our dances. This is because we protect the SDANZ brand dearly and this causes conflicts of interest. We encourage students to learn different styles as long as they do not conflict with any of the SDANZ styles. Whatever we discuss at SDANZ is confidential. You are welcome to use SDANZ choreography for personal functions, school events etc, as long as you acknowledge and credit SDANZ.

Code of conduct:

Please arrive at class on time, or inform the tutor personally if you're running late or can’t make it to a class or rehearsal. We understand there are last minute changes in plan, but if you can please alert the tutor with any planned days off that will be much appreciated! We love making these classes fun, friendly, safe and providing a healthy environment for all. If you have any feedback and suggestions or something that you’d like to discuss, our door is always open.

Fee payment:

Payments are due by the 2nd week of each term. Please send a screenshot of the payment with the student’s name as the reference.


There is no additional cost for exams, extra practices, and rehearsals. You may have to pay for any costumes/jewelry/props hired or purchased for performances, including  SDANZ merchandise.


We have a collection of beautiful costumes which we hire out for performances. These are expensive and part of sets, so making sure they are looked after with care is very important!. This may include washing, dry cleaning, mending, and airing them, as well as making sure they don't smell when returned or additional fees may incur.


We highly encourage all students to perform on stage. The experience helps support the personal development of our students – many feel it’s an incredible experience, and a real achievement. As you’ll be part of a tight-knit class, we appreciate commitment and dedication once you’ve agreed to a performance. To help you feel prepared, there will be additional practices and rehearsals at no extra cost.

New enrolments for Term 4 open!
Term 4 starts 23rd Sept!

First class free!

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